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Webb Wilder, Last of the Full-Grown Men

The Mole Men Logo The Doll
In 1996, Webb teamed up with Steve Boyle and Shane Caldwell to launch what was planned as a book and radio series entitled Webb Wilder, Last of the Full-Grown Men. A book was published by Worm Ranchers Publishing in 1996 containing two stories, "Mole Men" and "The Doll." A promotional cassette was also created to help sell the radio series. It featured Webb and other actors acting out the various stories. They also planned to include some new music by Webb.

The Book Sample

Cover The Book Sample and Series Synopsis is a PDF file containing excerpts from three stories and synopses of all the episodes.

The Promotional Cassette

A promotional cassette featuring Webb reading Chapter 8 of The Mole Men was also produced. Thanks to Jim McKelvey for the scans.

Mole Men Cassette Cover

Mole Men Promo Cassette

It's a real shame none of this panned out (yet?), as it sounds like it would have been great fun for the creators, for Webb, and most certainly for the Loving Public.

In June 2016, fan Steve Bowman contacted me about a promotional CD he had of music that was planned for the Webb Wilder, Last of the Full-Grown Men radio series. He graciously provided me with scans of the booklet for the promo CD.

Click on an image to see a larger version of it.

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