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Webb Wilder - Montgomery, AL - 04/26/07

Photos by Chris Noftz
Photos from Webb Wilder's show at Capitol Oyster Bar in Montgomery, AL, on April 26, 2007, by Chris Noftz. The Beatnecks were Bob Williams (guitar), Jimmy Lester (drums), and Ron Eoff (bass). Chris wrote:

With Ron Eoff on bass for the injured Tom Comet, and Bob Williams on guitar instead of Tony Bowles, neither the crowd nor Webb and Jimmy knew what to expect last night. After Webb and Jimmy did an acoustic set (which was very cool), the two sub 'Necks took the stage and proceeded to slap a smile on everybody's face. Sounded like they'd all played together for years! Incredibly fun evening. We missed Tom and Tony, but things went very well. Webb's as nice a guy as he is a great entertainer.
webb_jimmy-acoustic.jpg webb_jimmy-acoustic2.jpg
bobwilliams-ww-jl-roneoff.jpg beatnecks.jpg
jimmy_webb_ron.jpg theboys.jpg
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