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Webb Wilder, Moon Martin, and Scamps

David Martin, who performed and recorded as Moon Martin, died on May 11, 2020. Moon Martin is probably best known for songs he wrote and recorded that were made famous by other artists, including "Bad Case Of Loving You." Moon's version was a hit, but Robert Palmer's version was a much bigger hit.

You can find a good good summary of Moon's career at the Retro Magazine site.

In 1998, Moon Martin produced an album by the French rockabilly group Scamps called Satisfaction Guaranteed. The 1999 album included a cover of Webb Wilder's "Human Cannonball." Moon brought Webb in to perform some of the vocals on that version of the song.

I knew none of this until recently. It took a bit, but I managed to track down an MP3 of "Human Cannonball" by Scamps:

I recently stumbled over some French TV news reports on DailyMotion about the recording sessions. I've had trouble viewing them there, so they're included below.

French TV news report: September 7, 1998

Webb can be seen in the studio recording vocals for "Human Cannonball" starting at about 02:46.

View on DailyMotion

French TV news report: May 10, 1999

Even more footage of Webb can be found in this clip, starting at about 03:05.

View on DailyMotion

French TV news report: February 12, 1999

Webb is not included in this report, but Moon Martin is interviewed.

View on DailyMotion

November 15, 1998, French TV Magazine Report

And hours after I posted this, I discovered a 15-minute version of the videos above on YouTube. The WW segment starts at about 05:58, then again at 11::08.

Finally, here's a video of Scamps performing "Human Cannonball" live in 2011.

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