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Webb Wilder - WDVX - 10/09/04

On Saturday, October 9, 2004, Webb Wilder and Jimmy Lester appeared on East Tennessee radio station WDVX on a show called "The Fringe", hosted by Mary Lou Cameron.

The show was webcast, and I recorded the webcast. Unfortunately, there was some problem with the stream from live365 (the streaming server used by WDVX) and there are brief cutouts throughout the recording. They're not horrible, but they are a bit annoying (you get used to them quickly). The webcast was a low-quality stream, so the MP3s below are accurate representations of what I recorded that night (they're encoded at 64Kbps, and there was little difference between these and the 128Kbps versions, which doubled the size for no real gain).

Included in the show was the "World Premiere" of two songs by Tom Comet, who plays bass for the NashVegans, parodying Webb Wilder. The two songs are "I Want A Statue" and "Two Bs." They discuss the songs in the full show, but briefly, "I Want A Statue" makes fun of Webb's complaints about not getting his due recognition as they drive around in their van.

Unfortunately, Webb didn't perform during the show. A number of tracks from the "It Came From Nashville" CD were played, but I've cut them out of the MP3 below.

Enjoy! Thanks to Mary Lou Cameron for the heads-up about the show in the first place.

Click on the links below to listen to each MP3. To save the files to your hard-drive, right click on the link and choose "Save link as...."

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